MBA / Engineering campuses have become an important source of talent for organizations in the current scenario of ever growing demand for quality talent at the bottom of the pyramid. And quite like what has happened with the media industry becoming more and more fragmented, the available pool of quality talent has also become fragmented.

There is a huge increase in the number of MBA / Engineering campuses and besides that more and more companies are deciding to go to campuses to hire giving campuses and students more options and reducing average intake for each company from a single campus.

Why Campus Hiring?

  • Building a Strong Resource Pool for the Future
    • Provide Future Business Managers for Expansion
    • Promote Management thought in the Organization
  • Safeguard against Attrition
    • Build Bench Strength to ensure Continuity of Business
    • Safeguard Organization Culture

The placement season starts in the 3rd year in Engineering colleges and the final semester for the MBA programs. This also varies as per the campus reputation. So what is required is a detailed plan for campus recruitment. It is a process which consumes a lot of time, needs a lot of coordination with campuses and also requires a lot of people to be able to maximise the returns from the campus recruitment process.

The above can be effectively done through outsourcing of the entire recruitment process. Following points illustrate how.

Why Outsource Campus Hiring?

  • Annual Recruitment Numbers from Campuses Vary
    • No. of Recruitment Managers cannot vary accordingly
  • Cast a Wider Net
    • An Organization might not be able to reach out to all possible candidates
      • Time Constraints
      • People Constraints
      • Location and Logistics Constraints
  • Saving on Management Time
    • Coordination with Institutes at an Individual level is a Cumbersome and time consuming process
    • Official Channels at each institute has a varying degrees of efficiency
  • Opportunity Cost of Management Time
    • With a small HR team, focus on current employees may be compromised

A good Campus Recruitment Outsourcing service would deliver on the following parameters:

  • Assist the organization in selecting the campuses
  • Set up the selection process in Consultation with the company
  • Execute Campus Recruitment Process end-to-end within timelines
  • Prepare an MIS on effectiveness of the process for review as well as for future feedback and assessment
  • Guarantee the integrity of the process

To be able to do the above, it will typically follow the following process:

  • Categorizing and Short-listing Institutes
  • Contacting Shortlisted Institutes for Placement Dates
  • Finalizing dates for the Pre Placement Talk with Institutes
  • Inviting Resumes from Institutes
  • Screening Resumes
  • Conducting Written Aptitude Tests, GDs and First Round Interviews at the Institutes

At the end of the day, a well executed Campus Recruitment Process will add a lot of value to the organization and if proper focus is given to it and the process is outsourced to professionals, the value addition can be enormous. I would go ahead and even say that the success of an organization would depend upon the quality of bench strength it builds from hiring from campuses.








During my 2 years at IIM Ahmedabad and even during my 5 years in the corporate world, I have learnt that focusing on the customer and keeping him engaged is the most critical factor for success. The customer here means internal as well as external customer ranging from employees to internal as well as external service providers.

Organizations talk about keeping their employees engaged so as to bring about a sense of belonging and to ensure that employees are satisfied in their roles and stick on to the organizations longer. Attrition is a big problem today, especially in the Financial Services Industry including Banking and Insurance. Employee Stickiness is low with growing demand for talent within the Industry and companies are trying to reduce attrition by way of job rotation or functional changes. A lot of effort from the organization side is being made to reduce attrition.

Engaging the external service provider seems to be a low key agenda for corporates today. Though this point manages a mention on the corporate strategy PPTs but not focussed on as hard as the employee engagement bit is. Engaging the recruitment partners especially is not high on the HR agenda.

The Recruitment partner can be one of the key elements in helping organizations to reduce attrition. One of the major reasons why people leave organizations is because they do not feel that they are a fit in the changing organizational demands. This can be corrected at the recruitment stage itself by clearly spelling out the expectations to the prospective employees and who else is better equipped to do this than a recruitment partner.

Selecting and involving the right kind of recruitment partners is an important part of the entire recruitment exercise. Once the recruitment partner understands client needs, he needs to be completely kept engaged with the latest happenings in the organization. A well informed recruitment partner will be able to build the right expectations about the organization.

Many a recruiters are given assignments by companies where they just pass on the JD to them and expect them to be able to provide them the best fit candidates. A JD is not a sufficient document to complete the hiring exercise. A recruiter needs to know about the organization, its past performance, its future plans, the prospects of he candidate in the job role mentioned, growth path of the candidate, day to day activities to be performed by the candidate in that role etc. All this is required to get a deep understanding of the candidate profile that will best suit the organization. All this information can help a recruiter to provide the best fit candidate and ensure that there is a high stickiness factor.